April 12 Simley Theatre Booster Meeting

Next meeting: May 17 2016 6:30-7:30 PM.

There was a Simley Theatre Booster Club meeting on Tuesday, April 12th from 6:30-7:30 PM in the Simley High School IMC.

March 2016 minutes from the last Simley Theatre Booster Club meeting.

April 2016 agenda



  1. Call to Order: Kris Maynard, President
  2. Introductions & Attendance: Kris Maynard, President
  3. Approval of Minutes: Kris Maynard
  4. Financial Report: Becky Keran, Treasurer
  5. Director Reports
    1. LaTwanna Williams, director
    2. Jim Davis, tech director
  6. Community Ed Report- Annie
  7. Fundraising Report –
    1. Commemorative Pins (Matt or Jim)
    2. Fundraising “basket” for Spring show (JE?)
    3. Dining fundraisers- Panera and BWW- Kris
  8. Concessions/Flowers/Stars Report- Susan
    1. Needs for Spring show?
    2. “Bundle” idea? (candy, flower, star & pin for set price)—are we doing this?
    3. Volunteer update (Amy)
  9. Website Updates/Report- Doug
  10. Cast Meals- Shannon
    1. Numbers for cast meals?
    2. Volunteer update (Amy)
    3. Other needs (e.g., sides, fruit, beverages, desserts)
  11. Old Business:
    1. Lobby Decorations- update
    2. Tickets- update
    3. Spring photos and photo CD plan- update
    4. Advertising- what else is needed?
    5. Theatre banquet update
    6. Summer programs- update
  12. New Business:
    1. Anything else needed from Boosters for Spring show?
    2. Programs, cast photo posters- anything needed from boosters to help with these?
    3. Taste of the Grove- new coordinator needed!
  13. Adjourn