February Agenda and January Minutes

Please join us for the Theatre Boosters Club meeting on Tuesday, Feb 9, 2016 at 6:30 PM in the Simley Theatre IMC (come in through the doors by the theater and the IMC is to the right). If you know of anyone who has kids auditioning for the Spring musical who might not already be on this list, please also extend this invitation to them!

The agenda for the meeting is attached– new business items can be added at the meeting if you have anything to discuss.

If you took home books for the Herberger’s fundraiser, please bring any money you’ve collected or any books you need to return. You can keep books that you still plan to try to sell- We have another 2 weeks to sell books.

Thanks and we look forward to seeing everyone at the meeting!



February 2016 agenda

1. Call to Order: Kris Maynard, President
2. Introductions & Attendance: Kris Maynard, President
3. Approval of Minutes: Kris Maynard
4. Financial Report: Becky Keran, Treasurer
5. Director Reports
a. LaTwanna Williams, director
b. Jim Davis, tech director
6. Community Ed Report- Annie
7. Fundraising Report – Amy
a. Herberger’s in-store selling Feb 20- need kids and adult chaperones to sign up.
b. Commemorative Pins
8. Concessions/Flowers/Stars Report- Susan
9. Website Updates/Report- Doug
10. Cast Meals- Shannon
11. Old Business:
a. New PAC needs (soft casters, stools for lighting booth, call board, etc)
12. New Business:
a. Lobby decorations for Spring show
b. Booster support for Spring show
c. End of year planning: Photo CD’s of year? (tabled from previous conversation)
13. Adjourn


January 2016 minutes