March 8 Booster Meeting Agenda & February Minutes

On March 8th @ 6:30 to 7:30 PM there will be a Simley Theatre Program Booster Meeting in the Simley High School’s library/IMC.  All parents and others involved in the theatre program are welcome to attend.

Here is the link to the printable PDF of the March 2016 agenda:

March 8 Booster Meeting Agenda
1.    Call to Order: Kris Maynard, President
2.    Introductions & Attendance: Kris Maynard, President
3.    Approval of Minutes: Kris Maynard
4.    Financial Report: Becky Keran, Treasurer
5.    Director Reports
a.    LaTwanna Williams, director
b.    Jim Davis, tech director
c.    Spring newsletter?
6.    Community Ed Report- Annie
7.    Fundraising Report –
a.    Herberger’s fundraiser (Becky has totals; Amy’s report: We didn’t bring in as much as expected– do not recommend doing this one again)
b.    Commemorative Pins (Matt or Jim)
c.    New fundraising ideas? Kris (Panera, etc)
8.    Concessions/Flowers/Stars Report- Susan
a.    Doing all 3 for Spring show. What help is needed to prepare?
9.    Website Updates/Report- Doug
10.    Cast Meals– Shannon
a.    Dates and times for Spring cast meals (Jim & Latwanna)
b.    Kids requests for cast meals
c.    Sign up and payment
11.    Old Business:
a.    T-shirts– orders and info
b.    Lobby Decorations: Kris or Shannon
c.    Tickets– sale date for parents and for general public
d.    Spring photos and photo CD plan
e.    Fundraising basket for spring? Need someone to coordinate. We have raffle tickets.
f.    “granny basket” idea for concessions? (from last meeting- put together flowers, pin, star and treat/cookies for set amount)- could be called something different too
12.    New Business:
a.    Advertising: calling cards? Maybe hand out to neighbors with Panera flyer? Posters, etc. What do you need from Boosters?
b.    Music update (Boosters officers voted to fund music- update on live music)
c.    Booster support: Prop needs, costume rental/costume help. Build days to share with parents. Special needs during Spring Break?
d.    Spring show Photos– date and time? Parents invited or no?
e.    Theatre banquet– booster support needed? Will next year’s shows be announced at
Spring banquet? (might need to table for April or May)
f.    Summer program ideas (might need to table for April or May)
g.    Taste of the Grove- new coordinator needed! (might need to table for April or May)
13. Adjourn

Booster Club Officers:
Kris Maynard, President ( )
Miki Schneider, Vice-President (
Becky Keran, Treasurer ( )
Amy Donovan, Secretary (

Simley Theater Website:

Other important contacts:
Jim Davis, tech director:
LaTwanna Williams, director:
Annie Platek, Community Ed:

The February Booster meeting minutes:

February 2016 minutes