May 17 Simley Theatre Booster Club Meeting

There will be a Simley Theatre Booster Club meeting on Tuesday, May 17th from 6:30-7:30 PM in the Simley High School IMC.

May 2016 Simly Theatre Booster Club Agenda

Hello everyone! We have our last Theater Boosters meeting of the year tomorrow at 6:30 in the Simley IMC and we hope you will join us! The agenda is attached, and additional new business items are always welcome.

Please contact Kris Maynard at with any questions. Thank you!

  1. Call to Order: Kris Maynard, President
  2. Introductions & Attendance: Kris Maynard, President
  3. Approval of Minutes: Kris Maynard
  4. Director Reports
    • LaTwanna Williams, director
  5. Spotlight award details/information
    • Jim Davis, tech director
  6. Financial Report: Becky Keran, Treasurer
    • Year-end financial report
    • Treasurer role and Box Office Manager role (Becky’s last year next year)
    • Debit cards (Concessions, Cast meals)
  7. Community Ed Report- Annie
  8. Guild report- Kissme
  9. Fundraising Report –
    • Commemorative Pins update on sales (Matt or Jim)
    • Overall fundraiser discussion – what worked, what didn’t. Anything we want to change?
    • Fundraising lead or co-leads?
    • Next big fundraiser: TOTG
  10. Concessions/Flowers/Stars Report- Susan
    • Overall concessions/flowers/stars discussion from this year- what worked, what didn’t.
    • Anything we want to do differently next year? Separate? Shadow for Susan?
  11. Website Updates/Report- Doug
    • Overall discussion- what worked, what didn’t. Anything we want to do differently?
  12. Cast Meals- Shannon
    • Final cast meal report from Spring show
    • Overall discussion- what worked, what didn’t; anything we want to do differently?
  13. Old Business:
    • Photos – what worked, what didn’t?
  14. Sharing photos- need to be ready for banquet along with code for access. Who will do this, how will it be organized? By show/season? Do we also want photos of TOTG, Cub fundraiser, parade, etc? If so who has those? Ren?
    • Theatre banquet update– $$ needed? Directors awards + student budget?
  15. Boosters to sell season photos $5 and commemorative pins $5
  • Summer programs- update
  • TOTG- planning for first summer meeting
  1. New Business:
    • Booster storage/theft of concessions
    • Booster role in theatre program 2016-2017
    • Music for next year- Booster’s budget?
    • ACT concessions- dates?
    • Any other questions/concerns/issues from parents for consideration for next year?
  2. Adjourn



April 2016 minutes