Into the Woods Auditions

The spring musical Into the Woods auditions will be held Tuesday, Feb. 9th and Wednesday, Feb. 10th from 3pm-5pm in the Performing Arts Center. Sign-up for an audition time and pick up your audition information packet from the call board outside the old theatre doors. Come out to audition! You must be able to audition on both days (see note in packet if you have a conflict). Hope to see you there!   

On Wednesday, February 10th, singing auditions will go to 7 or 7:30 at night if everyone takes the full 5 minutes.

Into the WoodsInto the Woods will be performed April 21-24.

Note:  Through out auditions some students expressed concern that they were reading for a role that they did not want to audition for. Just so we are clear, the purpose for the reading is solely to see how well an actor can act with others and to see what they bring to the acting table, their energy and character. It does not mean that they are reading to get that role or that they won’t get the role that are auditioning for because they didn’t read for that character.
Also, there may be some concerns about reading more than once. Students may sign up for more than one audition if they want to.  Please communicate concerns, such as filled time slots, to the directors so we can see if adjustments can be made. Please know that the amount of times a student reads does not mean that they have a better chance of someone who only read once.