The Actor Games & Cabaret Variété


A double feature night starting out with the one act play,The Actor Games. In this Hunger Games parody everyone is starving…for attention! Society’s obsession with all things drama has become so distracting, the Capitol has outlawed all auditions and has divided the population into ten districts: Greek Tragedy, Shakespeare, Musical Theatre, and others. During the annual Actor Games, a tribute from each district competes to become a star. This year, Meryl hopes to become the first ever winner from High School Drama. Unfortunately, the odds are never in her favor. The Actor Games is a fast-paced one-act play that provides a fun humorous overview of modern and historic acting methods.

The second half of the night, Cabaret Variété, consists of four 10-15 minute medleys from some favorite Broadway productions we all know and love. Each medley is masterfully staged to sing, dance and act its way through the exciting highlights of each show, giving the audience the opportunity to experience four shows in one sitting! Whether you’ve never seen musicals or see one every weekend, this is the perfect production to come experience a night full of laughs, variety and entertainment.

Auditions November 19 & 20


January 30 and 31 @ 7:00 P.M.

February 1 @ 2:00 P.M.