Into the Woods: Show Week Rehearsal and Call Schedule; Poster, etc…

Into the Woods Rehearsal SHOW WEEK!!!

Monday 4/18
Tuesday 4/19
Wednesday 4/20
Thursday 4/21
Friday 4/22
  • Cast meal
  • Full Dress rehearsal
  • Spotlight pre-show eval.
  • Cast Meal
  • Final Dress rehearsal
CALL- 1:30
  • Staff & Senior Preview 3:30pm
  • Opening night!!!!!
  • Show 7pm
  • Show #2 7pm

Saturday 4/23
Sunday 4/24
  • Cast Pictures
  • Show #3
CALL- 12:00pm
  • Final show #4
  • Cast meal




  • If you did not sign up for a cast meal, please bring food with you on those days as there will not be a ton extra and you will not be permitted to leave before our performance.
  • Saturday we are doing cast pictures starting at 3:30, you need to be full costume and ready to go by 3:30. Your parents will be able to come and take photos as long as they are not in the way of the professional. Please bring your dinner  with you as you will not be permitted to leave between pictures and the show.
  • After the show on Sunday we have strike and everyone is expected to attend. We will have a cast meal, but again if you did not sign up for the meal please bring food with you.

Chorus-Please see the schedule on the rehearsal calendar.


Seven Simple Steps to Sweet Success …

  1. Remind your parents that they can sign up for a volunteer position at:
  2. Inform the community that Into the Woods tickets are now available!
  3. Please print and post this picture or PDF of our pretty poster to promote the performance!

Into The Woods Poster
(Right-click on image for save and print options)

4.  Forage for artiFicial foliage for the forest from friends and family.  (Also, Craigslist, Goodwill, etc…)

5.  Audition for Triple Threat:  Any JR or SR who was in the musical can send in an audition this year.  Audition submissions are due electronically by 11:59 PM on Monday April 25th. AD will share info with parents and kids.

6.  Feast at the Simley Theatre Banquet on June 18.

7.  Attend Summer Theatre Camp and dazzle people with dialectic derived from The Theatre DictionaryNote: there are 2 new summer programs being offered- one for middle school and one for high school. Descriptions and info below:
Simley Summer Theatre Camp (Grades 6-9)
During the two week summer camp students will be introduced to the wonderful world of acting. Students will be exposed to beginning foundational tools through a variety of acting techniques from exercises and games that focus on creating character to analyzing text to support the goals and tactics of a character in a script. There will also be a small focus on the audition process to help students feel comfortable with their future auditions. (acting & improv)
Instructor: LaTwanna Williams
Monday-Thursday, July 11- July 22 8:00-11:00 am
#3707-S16 8 sessions- $75
Simley High School Performing Arts Center

Young Actors Elite Program; Perfectly Imperfect Studios (Grades 9-12)
During the four week intensive acting summer program students will be challenged to build their own play based on the things they face in their everyday life. Students will also perform their production in the final showcase. Students will be a part of every aspect in their production including writing the script, developing and designing the set pieces and lighting. Creating an original production can sound intimidating; students will be supported throughout the whole process and guided through each step of the way. It is a powerful thing to see your original work come to life!
Instructors: LaTwanna Williams & Jim Davis
Monday-Thursday, July 11- Aug. 4 12:30 -3:30 pm
#3708-S16 16 sessions- $175
Simley High School Performing Arts Center