Spotlight Award Announcement for Simley Theatre

Simley 15-16 Award Announcement


Simley High School

For their production of

Into the Woods

Spotlight Education Honors:

Vocal Performance by an Ensemble

Honorable Mention

Overall Technical Team

Honorable Mention

A/V Board

Honorable Mention

Individual Awards

Outstanding Performance in a Leading Role:

Chloe Hart as Cinderella

Ella Donovan as Little Red Riding Hood

Honorable Mention for Performance in a Leading Role:

Anna Engleson as Baker’s Wife

Honorable Mention for Performance in a Supporting Role:

Saari Lane as Witch

** Evaluator Shout-Out

Ely Leslie as Cinderella’s Prince

Kayla McMonigal as Jack

Rapunzel’s Prince


**Shout-Outs are a new distinction that has emerged to give recognition to those students who caught the attention of the evaluators. It is not an honor that results in a performance at Showcase but we want to recognize all performers that are doing standout work. This is one more way we can spread the well-deserved encouragement but still keep the honors consistent and of value