Wardrobe/Costume Wizard of Oz 2018

For the Wizard of Oz, Spring 2018 production, the students will need the following:

Winkies and Monkeys:
light gray leggings
light gray fitted long sleeve shirt

black leggings
black short sleeve shirt

Poppy Girls:
green short sleeve t-shirt, tank top, or leotard
red or green leggings

Poppy Boys:
red or green short sleeve t-shirt (fitted)

black long sleeve t-shirt
black leggings
black combat style boots

brown long sleeve tshirt
brown leggings
brown beanie style hat

All Females:
tan tank top/camisole (no lace, not ribbed, I recommend Walmart they are $1.69 there)
tan spandex (fitted shorts to wear over tights)
tan tights
black character shoes, jazz shoes, or flats

All Males:
white fitted undershirt (no tank tops)

black dress shoes/dinkles

The rest are things we don’t need everyone to bring in, but if people have things they think we could use it would be great!

emerald green dresses, skirts, blouses, pants for Osian women

emerald green button down shirts, pants, vests for Osian men

light/pastel/bright blue flowy skirts or blouses for Munchkin women

light/pastel/bright blue button downs and pants for Munchkin men

black and white checkered (or striped) dress pants to fit Taylor Olson

white bobby socks for Ella Donovan

leather belts (black or brown)

Some additional notes:

A couple notes to add to the long list:
– no logos or patterns, shirts must be plain
– leggings just mean any fitted pants that you can dance in

ALSO- all kids need their own makeup labeled with their name or in a bag with their name on it:

Foundation (liquid)
mascara (black)
eyeliner (black)
makeup wipes
females need bobby pins that match their hair color

If you have questions have your kids ask Lauryn (costumes) or Shelby (makeup/hair).